Power Studio version 1.20.1

Wed, 27 Dec

Power Studio, the leading software solution for radio stations, has just launched its latest update, Version 1.20.1, promising a smoother and more efficient broadcasting experience for users worldwide. Packed with improvements, fixes, and new features, this update reinforces Power Studio's commitment to excellence in radio automation.

One of the key highlights of Version 1.20.1 is the optimization of concurrent internal workloads, resulting in a lower thread count and reduced system load. This enhancement ensures that Power Studio runs seamlessly, even on machines with modest specifications, providing users with enhanced performance without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, the update addresses a database-related issue that occasionally caused instability on high-performance computers with a high core count, ensuring a stable and reliable operation regardless of the hardware configuration.

In the Playout module, users can now benefit from the newly introduced option "Auto player select on manual start," allowing tracks to be assigned to a Playout Player only when initiated by the user. This feature provides greater control and flexibility during live broadcasts, enhancing the overall user experience.

Additionally, the Playlist module has undergone significant improvements. Users will now see the Effective Duration of tracks displayed, providing more accurate information compared to the File Duration previously shown. Moreover, the ability to set the content type of external files dragged into a playlist adds versatility and customization options for users.

The Track Browser has also received enhancements, including improved searching capabilities to handle non-standard characters more effectively. Users can now search for tracks using variations of artist names, such as "P!nk" or "Bjørk," simplifying the browsing experience. Furthermore, the addition of sorting options and optional columns enhances usability and organization within the Track Browser.

In the Mix Editor, users can now utilize the horizontal scrolling wheel of the mouse to navigate left and right, facilitating smoother editing processes. Additionally, important changes in tracks are immediately reflected in the Mix Editor, ensuring seamless workflow and real-time updates.

The Batch Import feature now automatically checks entered values for application during import sessions, streamlining the importing process. Moreover, users can now benefit from saved start values from the last import session, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Power Studio Version 1.20.1 also introduces new functionalities, such as the ability to download files using SFTP (SSH file transfer) in the Item Download plugin, and upgrades to SwaggerUI in the RestAPI plugin, among others.

Overall, this update underscores Power Studio's ongoing dedication to providing users with a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for radio automation. With enhanced performance, new features, and improved stability, Power Studio Version 1.20.1 sets a new standard for excellence in broadcasting software.

Users are encouraged to update to the latest version to experience the full range of improvements and features offered by Power Studio. For more information and to download the update, visit the Power Studio website today.

Vincent Verschuren
Power Studio